For the Pursuit of Excellence in the Practice of Tai Chi Chuan


Since 1987, Michigan Tai Chi Center has been offering complete Tai Chi training programs for all ages, from beginners to certified teachers, from hand and weapon forms in Yang and Chen styles to Wushu basic training. A wide variety of classes and workshops are available throughout the Detroit region under the sole teaching of Director Han Hoong Wang.

The Center has brought to Michigan well-known lineage holders such as Yang Style Tai Chi Grand Master Yang Zhen Duo and Master Yang Jun, and Chen Style Tai Chi Grand Master Chen Xiao Wang.  The Center will continue to provide the best training available for all students and Tai Chi practitioners.

As one of the three founding branches of the Yang Cheng Fu Tai Chi Chuan Center USA selected in 1995 by Grandmaster Yang Zhen Duo, 4th generation of Yang Family, the Center also offers training for Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan ranking, competition, and judging. 

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Han Hoong Wang
Director, Michigan Tai Chi Center
P.O. Box 1563
Royal Oak, MI 48068-1563
P: 248.892.3117
E: michigantaichicenter@gmail.com

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